Doggy Day Care: Your pooch will spend the day playing, socializing, frolicking, and interacting with other day care dogs and our attentive care takers.

Doggy Adventures: Doggy Adventures are daily "field trips" to local off leash dog recreation areas that have acres of trails, water, hills, and plenty of other dogs for your pooch to meet and interact with.

Boarding: After a fun-filled day participating in our day care activities, your pooch will experience a home-away-from-home, kennel free environment where they can retreat to their own bed for their comfort. 

Dog Walks (private or groups): A forty-five minute walk around the neighborhood or neighboring park privately or in a group setting.

Daily Pet Visits/Drop-In: At a specified time a CAPP care taker will arrive to take your pooch for a bathroom break, change their water and feed if instructed.

In-Home Overnight Sitting: A CAPP care taker will spend the night at your home ensuring your pooch stays comfortable, safe, and well cared for in it's familiar environment.

In-Home Cat Care: A CAPP care taker will visit your cat at a specified time to make sure the water, food, litter, and over all well being of your cat is being met.

Home Care (administer medications, etc): At a specified time a CAPP care taker will arrive at your home to administer the prescribed medication dosage for your well loved pet.

Pet Taxi: Your pet can be taxied to and from appointments, airports, or other designated destinations.

Personalized Services Available Upon Request

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