In 2010, my wife and I established (CAPP) to fill the void left by unsuitable pet boarding facilities for the residents of the Solano, Contra Costa, Sonoma & Napa counties. Here at CA Pampered Pooches Dog Boarding & More, we strive to be the leader in dog care and socialization by supplying your furry loved-ones with a fun, safe kennel-free environment where tolerance, patience and love are implemented with all the comforts of home.


Nobody wants to put their pooch in jail while they go out of town.  “California Pampered Pooches“  (CAPP) provides your much-loved pooch with a home-to-home environment that minimizes separation anxiety.  We are devoted animal lovers that have our own facility with a spacious secure outdoor play area complete with large grass areas, pooch obstacle course, and a nice size hill for pooches to run up and down.  We will board your pooch and love him/her as a member of our family.  At night each pooch retreats to their designated area where they will find all their sleeping items brought from home giving them a familiar bed time experience.

Pooches boarding with us will start the day with a thirty minute walk on leash between 7am9am.  After returning from their walk it’s time to enjoy breakfast; they are separated and individually fed their victuals after which are given ample time for food digestion.  Then if need be pooches are separated into play groups based on size, age and temperament for a fun filled day of frolicking and socializing.  At about noon, we feed lunches, and administer meds, naps, baths, etc.  After this, there’s more frolicking and fun in the outside play area.  Throughout the day, the pooches get plenty of exercise, but also have the opportunity to sleep or relax on beds in the shaded area


Daycare is ideal for people who have a full schedule but still want for their pooch to get an adequate amount of exercise, attention, and socialization.  Leaving your pooch in our care for the day would be better than someone popping in just to give your pooch a walk.  When your pooch spends the day with us, he or she will enjoy a long walk in the park and fresh water and snacks.

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