Here at California Pampered Pooches, we strive to be a leader in K9 care and socialization by supplying your pooch with a fun, safe environment that nurtures tolerance and love with all  the comforts of home. In addition, we strive to ease your worries by observing your pooch throughout the day to assure that they have completely adjusted to their new environment.

Dog Walks

As our lives get ever busier, California Pampered Pooches(CPP) lighten the load by taking your best friend out for a run in the park.  

According to the National Office of Animal Health, daily exercise is essential to keep dogs healthy, as well as mentally and physically stimulated. Exercise not only improves your dog’s wellbeing, but also helps build muscle tone and prevents depression, obesity, joint problems, heart conditions and behavioral issues.

Doggy Adventures

doggy-adventuresDoggy Adventures: Doggy Adventures are daily "field trips" to local off leash dog recreation areas that have acres of trails, water, hills, and plenty of other dogs for your pooch to meet and interact with.

Group Excercise

Group Exercise: Let (CAPP) pick your pooch up from home for a few hours of exercise.  Your pooch will spend time with a group of his/her friends Walking, Running, Playing ball or Catch-me-if-you-can on a 3mile off leash couse until they throw in the towel for that days outing... afterwards safely delivered back home to recuperate having had their all-important days exercise.



Daily Pet Visits

 daily-visitsDaily Pet Visits/Drop-In: At a specified time a CAPP care taker will arrive to take your pooch for a bathroom break, change their water and feed if instructed.

In-Home Sitting

in-home-sittingIn-Home Overnight Sitting: CAPP care taker will spend the night at your home ensuring your pooch stays comfortable, safe, and well cared for in it's familiar environment.

In-Home Cat Care

in-home-cat-careIn-Home Cat Care: CAPP care taker will visit your cat at a specified time to make sure the water, food, litter, and over all well being of your cat is being met.

Pet Taxi


Save time and hassle by allowing our reliable and courteous drivers to chauffer your pets to and from our facility.
Our 'routed' pickup times are from 5:00am until 9pm, Designated trips may also be arranged on a case by case basis.
Our Geographical area covers the Northern Bay Area as well as parts of the East . Of course we can arrange pick ups nearly anywhere with sufficient notice.
Note: Fees are based on location & distance from CAPP facility (Vallejo).  Starting at $20.00
Pet Grooming

Coming Soon

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